terça-feira, abril 24, 2007

Dick Bruna
Illustrator and graphic designer
Carbon Copies
By Nadine Jarvis
The Nonist
Gateway graphics
Favorite Movie Posters
By Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez
David Lynch
On Product Placement

segunda-feira, abril 23, 2007

Plagiarism Museum
Descubra as diferenças...
What's New
By Gábor Kerekes
The disappearing art of handpainted signs
Dutch Poster Museum
Killers op canvas
Ultraman Toys
Made in Japan
Photo Gallery
Yearbook I
Hidden Town
No type, no signs.
Lauren Simkin Berke
The Illustration Portfolio
The Estate of Ray Johnson
How to Draw a Bunny
Wall Invader
By Radi Designers
Pressure Printing
Tim Biskup
I love Flickr

quinta-feira, abril 19, 2007

The Cluster Balloon
"Have you ever dreamed of being carried into the sky by a giant bouquet of colorful toy balloons?"
Robin Cameron
Kathy Diamond
Psychedelic Space-Disco
Dan Nadel
This is Not My Design Life Now
Porous Walker
New Scientist, 1964
"How the computer can help the designer"
Dementia 13
Written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Zhu Yunwei
Henry Bursill
How to make shadows on the wall
Chris Ferebee
Collage series 1

quarta-feira, abril 18, 2007

Andy Virgil
Review: I Am Plastic
Já estou agarrado há algum tempo a estas coisas. Pelos vistos, já tenho desculpa...
The Skateboard Museum
Lição sobre rodas.
Book By Its Cover
Para os favoritos, já!
Nate Williams
Australia’s Wooden Toy Magazine Interview
Lavender Diamond
Desenhos e coisas afins, tudo por Ron Rege Jr.
Official film poster unveiled
Bic Crystal
Classic of everyday
Video: Four Tet
A Joy (Remix)
Stop Driving Us Crazy!
Uma curta fixe de 1959
Imprensa Canalha
A impressionar (e bem!) desde 2006.
Josh Keyes
Paintings and drawings
Condom device wins most beautiful award
Abandoned Resort
Slideshow of an old abandoned resort in San Zhi, Taiwan.
Greco Roman Music
A sonic wrestling match
Historical Anatomies on the Web
Arquivo do outro mundo...
The American Look
Curta de 1958

quarta-feira, abril 11, 2007

Ransom Note Generator
Corta e cola digital, para quem não quer sujar as mãos.
Symbol Signs
Free of charge!
Eric Gill got it wrong
A re-evaluation of Gill Sans
Approximate Conversion
From Points to Pixels (and Ems and %)
The Decoder Ring Design Concern
"Do work we love for clients we admire"
The Ephemera Society
For the preservation, study and educational uses of printed ephemera
Exchange District
I Love Letterpeg
Dear Sir
Ray Fenwick Is a Genius
Neville Brody
Personal Views 29
Otl Aicher and the Munich Olympiad
Type Directors Club Award
Hand lettering by Nate Williams
Unclear, although
By Marian Bantjes
Logo Design History
Famous Brands Glossary
The 51 Best* Magazines Ever
*Smartest, Prettiest, Coolest, Funniest, Most Influential, Most Necessary, Most Important, Most Essential, etc.
Nation Magazine Cover Archive
Antes que seja tarde...
15 ways to do a book
"I learned one thing: you can't make a book in one day and a half "
The art of the grid
Garamond vs Garamond
Physiologie d’un caractère typographique
Typography and Paper
With Jeremy Tankard’s
Manuale Typographicum
Por Hermann Zapf